Friday, July 27, 2012

My Adventures Growing Sweet Potatos

Growing Sweet Potatos From Scraps
I started with a piece of uncooked sweet potato partially immersed in a clear jar. Within a couple days, the raw piece of sweet potato began to sprout. It was actually amazing to observe something like that growing.

Transplanting My Sweet Potato Sprout
After two weeks, the roots had begun to show signs of flowering. Little leaves were beginning to develop from the roots. I removed the sprouting sweet potato from the jar, and placed it atop of some enriched potting soil  in 9 inch wide, 9 inch deep pot.

I wasn’t exactly sure as to whether to bury the flowering roots or not. So I buried the bulk of the sweet potato scrap and allowed the roots to either continue to grow up or dig themselves into the ground more. I like veggies to have a choice.

Growing Sweet Potatoes in a Container vs. the Ground
It had been at least two months. My growing sweet potato plant is healthy. I placed it directly in the sun and I water it everyday. But I felt the container is limiting its ability to really grow.

I moved my growing sweet potato from the container and planted it in the front of my house. After only two weeks, the plant is growing like a weed. Growing sweet potatoes definitely need room to stretch out. You can grow them in a pot, but the plant will bear more bulbs the more space you give it.

If you are reluctant to plant it in the ground or don’t have the room, put it in a wide, plastic storage container. Growing sweet potatoes surprisingly don’t require a lot of depth, but if the container is wide it will have room to grow!


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