Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Is the Progressive Snapshot Device?

Progressive Insurance is now offering customers the Progressive Snapshot Device. Most customers are completely clueless as to how it actually works, but according to Progressive representatives the Progressive Snapshot Device is supposed to ‘save you money.’

So Just What Is the Progressive Snapshot Device?

The Progressive Snapshot is a tracking device. Yes, that’s right, it tracks you. It isn’t Progressive’s intent to track your whereabouts, but it is their intent to track how you drive. If the device determines that you drive safely, you are given a rating worthy of a discount.

Should I Get the Progressive Snapshot Device?

Yes, if you drive safe all the time and never speed. But that isn’t the case for most of us. Many of us have a tendency to get a little loosy-footed with the gas pedal from time-to-time. But if the Snapshot Device is installed, those innocent mess-ups behind the wheel will be all recorded.

It is also safe to say that if the Progressive Snapshot Device can save you money, it can also cost you money. If you are deemed a loose cannon behind the wheel, it’s safe to say that you could be in line for an insurance rate hike.


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